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Details on New Destiny Inferno Crucible Mode Leaked

A lot of new stuff is coming our way in Destiny; for instance the fact that matchmaking will soon become mandatory in Heroic Strikes and that the Reputation Panel is going to be introduced very soon.

However, it appears that is not all.

Someone has dug deeper and somehow managed to leak new details on some Destiny Inferno modes for the PvP Crucible.

According to the leak, there are going to be three of them namely the Inferno Control, Inferno Clash and Inferno Salvage.

Based on the images that have been leaked, Control and Clash are listed under The Dark Below expansion while Salvage is apparently going to be a part of House of Wolves expansion pack.

In Control you have to “capture zones to increase points for every kill,” in 6v6 team objective matches. Clash is going to be “All-out team warfare” where your only objective is to destroy the enemy in 6v6 deathmatch battles. Lastly, the Salvage mode will require you to “capture and hold relics” in 3v3 deathmatch battles.

For all three modes, the matches will not have any trackers and you will earn points only when you make a kill.

As far as the release dates of these new Destiny Inferno modes are concerned, it is being claimed that Inferno Control is going to be released on March 3, Iron Banner will also return on March 17 and this will be followed by Inferno Clash on March 31.

Inferno Salvage will be the last to launch though there is no speculated release date for it yet.

Do remember that none of these details have been confirmed by Bungie which means at this point these are just rumors.

We will keep you updated on the new Destiny Inferno modes and everything else that is coming your way in the future, so we suggest that you stay tuned.