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The Sims 4 to Get New Gnome, 2 New Hairstyles – WooHoo!

If you had resorted to Sim love on Valentine’s Day instead of going out with your date, you would have also taken part in a challenge that Maxis put out for all The Sims 4 fans.

It was about getting the maximum “WooHoos” from your Sims over the the Valentine’s Day weekend. The challenge was linked with two rewards; the first one was a special new gnome and the other one was two new hairstyles – both for different objectives.

The developers were going to add the gnome to the game with the March update if the community managed four million WooHoos and the hairstyles were going to be made a part of the rewards if the five million figure was reached.

Guess what, you guys did better:

Turns out, your Sims really like to WooHoo! Last week we posed a challenge to the community: if you could reach a combined 4 million WooHoos in The Sims 4 over Valentine’s Day weekend, all owners of The Sims 4* would be given a new gnome in a patch in March. And if you reached a mind-blowing 5 million WooHoos, there’d be two new hairstyles included as well. We’ve crunched the numbers, run the data, and found exactly how much WooHooing was done over the weekend.

So according to their number crunching, a total of 5,700,940 WooHoos were reached!

Maxis has also released a mini infographic detailing the figure; it also reveals that your sims kissed 5,273,110 times and as a result 147,430 babies were born.

The maximum WooHoos were made in United States and the “per capita” WooHoos were greatest in South Korea, that is 26.3.

So, are you happy?