Rise to Glory With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Community-Based Event, Point & Shoot

Yesterday, ActiVision and Sledgehammer Games announced a new community-based initiative called Point & Shoot.

Point & Shoot is being called as “the world’s first game footage film festival” which will allow Call of Duty players to gain a fandom simply by playing the game. Here is how it works:

Players can record their best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare moments and share it on Call of Duty official website for the world to see. After watching, viewers can either up-vote or down-vote the video with the highest rated video appearing at the top of the Hall of Fame.

There is no rocket science involved in submitting a clip. The clip must be uploaded on YouTube and must not contain any external background score.

People have already started sending their entries with ‘Pur3Pamaj’ appearing at the top of the Hall of Fame – whether he is Pamaj from Faze or not, it’s hard to say.

Sledgehammer Games has also created a short trailer which can be seen attached above.

Have some amazing moments that you would like to share with the rest of the world? Also what do you think of the whole initiative? Let us know in the discussion box below.