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The Order: 1886 Insider Talks About Possible Sequel

Despite getting low review scores, The Order: 1886 is doing pretty well in the UK, having taken the number one spot in this week’s sales charts.

The game arrived on shelves last week, to a rather bewildered fan base. There’s no denying in how beautiful the game looks. However, the initial reviews cast a fury of storms over its apparently less than exciting gameplay, a most unmemorable storyline, and an unimpressive weapons system.

The game’s ending though, left hints towards a potential sequel. Ready At Dawn may have failed to capture the hearts of the majority with its first offering. However, a second installment could do wonders. Today, a well known industry inside shared some interesting details on NeoGAF.

Talking about the current status of the developer, he said:

“They’re about 120-130 employees there. Not exactly small, but not huge either. From the conversations I’ve had, they spent a huge amount of time perfecting the engine for this initial installment. Time constraints came into play, goals slashed, but that’s not really uncommon in development.”

Ready At Dawn did spend a lot of resources on crafting its own engine. That perhaps makes things more simple when working towards a second installment.

“However, what has me most excited is that the main focus in a possible sequel are the gameplay systems. That’s what was stated to me. The engine is in place and they’re free to put all their efforts into gameplay design. And they want to do this, it isn’t a result of any backlash over The Order’s design, they as a team want that. By no means do they think the game’s perfect as it is.”

It’s speculated that the sequel won’t take three years in making. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the game land on the PlayStation 4 in two years, unless it gets delayed into its third.

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