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Kingdom Hearts 3 Online Multiplayer Hinted in Job Listing

We have been hhearing about Kingdom Hearts 3 and everything that it is going to feature for a while now.

One thing that has not been official confirmed by the developers is the online multiplayer – although director Testsuya Nomura did say it was being considered.

Now, we have picked up more information suggesting that it is actually going to be a part of the game.

The official careers website of Square Enix has a job listing for their Osaka branch i.e. the one that is developing Kingdom Hearts 3. Based on the job description, they need someone who will be working on a “constantly online [game].” Here’s a rough translation of the description in question:

Incharge of general technical assistance (workflow construction, selection of middleware etc) in Implementing the high quality graphic expression or Kingdom Hearts III. In charge of construction duties for a shader on the game engine for nature representations (water, rain, snow etc) and special effects (magic etc) etc, constantly online games.

Now we do understand that the description doesn’t say the name of the game, but there is only as much work that one studio can do at a time. So if they are recruiting while they are working on something like KH3the two are probably related.

With all that being said, since nothing has been confirmed by the developers themselves we suggest you take all this with the proverbial grain of salt until anything else comes up.

As far as the previous news is concerned, we know – thanks to Tai Yasue – that the game is going to have an extensive character cast. We also know that Kindgom Hearts 3 is going to use Unreal Engine 4 instead of Luminous.

Lastly, it has also been speculated that some Star Wars and Marvel characters could be joining in the extensive cast of Kingdom Hearts 3 that we talked about up there.