Killer Instinct’s Upcoming Character is a Mysterious Ghost Girl

Microsoft has detailed the recently teased Aganos the Golem in a new video in addition to teasing a new character.

Aganos the Golem is able to create boulder pillars, vines, and lift off heavy stones with relative ease. Physically he is a large boulder of rock that is shown beating the hell out of characters like Jago.

Players owning Killer Instinct Ultra Edition will be able to get their hands on Aganos on Feb. 27, 2015. As for Combo Breaker Edition, they will receive it on May. 3, 2015.

You can check out the featured trailer above for more information!

Lo and behold! Stick to the trailer till the very end and you will come across another character – an eerie female character which apparently has Japanese origins wielding some sort of weapon.

There is currently not much information available regarding the character, but we are sure to hear more from Rare in days to come.

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