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A Doom Mod Has Added Selfie Sticks to the Game, Really

Yeah you read that right. Many games comes with a rear view camera that lets you check for enemies behind your back, but now Doom is going to do that in style.

Developer of a Doom mod seems to have been impressed by selfies a lot lately which is why he got creative and introduced a selfie stick in the game.

The Doom mod we are talking about is called InstaDoom which has been created by DoomWolrd user Linguica.

It does what selfie sticks did to Grand Theft Auto V and the Wii U title The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. Also, it comes with a complete view of the insides of a smartphone as if you are looking through its camera.

Many of the item drops in the game will be replaced by the selfie stick when you are playing the mod though it will have no impact on how you fight with the enemies.

Except for, maybe, getting a good selfie with a dozen of monster corpses lying in the backdrop.

To Top it all up, the mod also comes with dozens of filters to give effects to your picture – what else did you expect with a game mod called InstaDoom? In total you get 37 filters that are much like Instagram itself.

On a side note, when they say that taking selfies is officially a mental disorder now, does it also include the selfie stick? Just saying.

So, what do you think about the new Doom mod?