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The Order: 1886 Collectibles Guide – Newspaper, Documents, Photos, Phonographs, Objects

The alternate London depicted in The Order: 1886 is swarming with artifacts and collectibles to salvage. Things like newspaper clippings, research documents, phonographs, photos, and random objects can be collected.

The Order: 1886 Collectibles

Although these collectibles do not have any impact on the gameplay, collecting these is required for 100% game completion and a bunch of Trophies including Platinum:

  • The Grail – Platinum
  • Inspector First Class – Gold
  • Archivist – Silver
  • Well-Read – Silver
  • Detail Oriented – Silver
  • Power of Observation – Silver

We have also compiled separate guides for all the collectibles which can be accessed using the links provided below:

This article, on the other hand, covers all these collectibles in a single guide categorized in accordance to chapters. Those of you who just started a playthrough, use this guide to collect all the collectibles as they appear:

Chapter #1 – Always a Knight

Chapter #3 – Inequalities

Chapter #4 – An Endless Battle

Chapter #5 – Agamemnon

Chapter #9 – An Uneasy Alliance

Chapter #11 – Brothers in Arms

Chapter #15 – To Save a Life

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