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The Evil Within: The Assignment DLC Gets New Images, Coming Next Month

Bethesda Softworks has released two new concept artworks for The Assignment, the upcoming DLC for its psychological horror game The Evil Within.

The first image depicts Julie Kidman, while the second features a new enemy type. There’s no information on what this enemy is called and what it will be bringing in its encounters.

Players will take control of Julie Kidman, who will be accompanying the game’s protagonist Detective Castellanos and Joseph Oda, who has helped out on several occasions in the original game.

The DLC is going to feature a new story driven campaign where Julie Kidman ends up getting trapped in to the same horror vortex as Castellanos and Oda. There’s no indication of whether players will once again face the same antagonist for a second time or if The Assignment has someone or something new. It though will still bank on the similar survival and puzzle solving experience.

The Assignment is going to release next month and is part of the game’s $19.99 Season Pass.

The Evil Within - Assignment 2