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Rhythm Games are Coming to Arcades, Thanks to Capcom

Resident Evil creator Capcom is planning to bring back Rhythm Games to Arcades in Japan and other territories in Asia. The company revealed the news earlier and said the first game heading to the Arcades is Rayark’s Cytus. The company already has the rights to the game.

The company considers Japanese music games to be a highly profitable market, which resulted in their decision. According to Capcom, annual revenue for this market is estimated to be 15 billion yen. Moreover, revenues in 2013 were 129% higher compared to a year before.

Annual revenues in Japan’s music game market are estimated to be about 15 billion yen and 2013 revenue was 129% higher than in 2012. This growing market is popular among men and women of all ages.

They further added:

Frequent and casual players alike are attracted by captivating exterior designs as well as the intuitive playing characteristics of these games. In recent years, the music game market has been invigorated even more by the use of networks that link games with social networking services.

Cytus is one of the most popular smartphone games and has been download for over six million times. Capcom will first release the game to Arcades in Japan, before moving on to China and other territories.

Another title to accompany Cytus is Crossbeats REV, which is inspired by another mobile game called Cross X beats.

Capcom is planning to target a wide range of users with the release of these two games in Arcades. Depending on how successful they are, we can expect more titles to reach Asian Arcades.

Stay tuned for more information on this!