Killer Instinct Season 2 Aganos Trailer Teases New Character

While developers of Killer Instinct recently teased Golem as a playable fighter in the Season 2 it will be a bigger news for you now that the game is being featured on Xbox One’s Ultimate Game Sale as we speak.

Microsoft Studios has a habit of showing off glimpses of new unannounced characters after trailers that are otherwise dedicated to another fighter – they did the same with the latest trailer of the game.

Above you can see the newly released video for Killer Instinct Season 2 featuring the gigantic rock-bodied golem Aganos; he is great and all, but in the last few seconds of the video we see something really creepy and something you would really want to look forward to.

The new Killer Instinct character in question is a female that looks more like a mean spirit than a human being. Donning ragged clothes and dragging a sword behind her as she walks barefoot, she is going to give the chills to many of the foes!

Aganos, on the other hand, relies more on his physical appearance and physical strength to show his worth.

He has a score to settle with Kan-Ra and for thousands of years he has been trying to find him and kill him – the magician isn’t going to go down easy!