Developer Gives 7 Reasons to Buy Zombie Army Trilogy

In a new video, Rebellion Developments has outlined seven reasons why you should buy the new Zombie Army Trilogy. For most of us busting a cap in Zombie Hitler was enough to buy the game, but those who want more should check the footage above.

Here’s what Zombie Army Trilogy has to offer.

Third New Campaign: Developers have created a third campaign for series which will offer five new missions and will end the series on a high-note.

Zombie Dismemberment: Zombie Army Trilogy is a shooter that will feature intense violence and gore. Your bullets and explosives will shred zombies to pieces, adding a bit more to the fun element.

New Player Characters: Rebellion has added new female characters upon fan requests.

Horde Mode: Another fan request resulted in the inclusion of a Horde Mode. Players will battle waves of zombies on five different maps in the game.

Terrifying New Enemies: Enemies in the game won’t be your regular zombies. They will be smart and won’t go down without a fight. From the looks of the footage, it seems there will also be mini boss fights along the way.

Stunning Remasters: In addition to a new campaign, the previous two have also been remastered. Improvements have been made to animations, lighting, physics, shadows and more.

Unified Online Community: The community will be unified and you will find it a bit easier to locate someone online to play with.

So that’s it, are those reasons enough for you to upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.