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Evolve Fans Played 6M Games, for 108 Years Playtime in Week One

Evolve has been criticised by many for a lack of longevity, it has also been at the receiving end of criticisms due to the number of download content available right after the game’s launch.

However, it seems that despite all that you people have still enjoyed playing the monster and hunter game a lot! Turtle Rock Studios have released a lengthy infographic revealing statistics from the first week of the game’s release.

According to the infographic in question, a total of six million games (5,989,905 to be exact) were played in just the launch week.

If we talk about timings, an average game lasted for about 9.3 minutes; this comes from a very varied range of game timings because the longest game lasted 43 minutes while the shortest ended in merely 60 seconds.

All in all the total time clocked in is greater than the age my grandpa would have been today had he been alive; specifically, 108 years of game time was recorded for the first week of Evolve.

Quite a lot of people have also been spectators for the matches; through Twitch 133,707,700 minutes of the game were watched i.e. approximately 254 years!

We know how the monster in the game has three stage of evolution; the developers also shared the win to loss percentages at each stage. So at stage one, the monster won only 11.2 percent of the times while at stage two the monster won 47.8 percent of the times. The stage three didn’t let the Hunters party and won 76.7 percent of the time.

The list of most popular choices includes:

  • Assault – Hyde at 37%.
  • Medic – Lazarus at 40%.
  • Support – Cabot at 43%.
  • Trapper – Abe at 44%.
  • Monster – Goliath at 37%

Last but not the least, the end result of all the matches played in Evolve have been almost balanced between the two sides as Hunters won 48.1 percent while Monsters won 51.9 percent of the matches.