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Xenoblade Chronicles X Exploration System Gets New Details

Developer Monolith recently updated Xenoblade Chronicles X website with new information regarding its exploration system. According to the details, all exploration of Mira is organised under a system called Frontier-Net, which keeps track of every discovery and is created by humans.

There is also a region based checkpoint system named Frontier-Net Spots. When these spots are located, they give players rare materials or Data Probe upgrades. You can consider Data Probes as add-ons which you can install at these spots. Through the installation of these probes, you will be granted some benefits over that region.

Here’s a list of different probes and their functionality:

  • Copy Probe: These type of probes copy every function of any nearby probe.
  • Battle Probe: You will gain various perks and effect to help you in battle.
  • Storage Probe: Using this probe will allow you to store more Miranium.
  • Power-up Probe: This probe will increase the functionality of adjacent probes.
  • Research Probe: Using this probe will give you a bigger reward when discovering secret areas.
  • Mining Probe: The probe will increase the production and amount of Miranium which can be gathered.

Management of Frontier Net Spots will be handled via a hexagon grid called Segment Map, that will show on Wii U’s Gamepad. Various regions of this map are going to be marked based on objectives related to that region.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is heading to Wii U later this year. Nintendo is yet to confirm a release date for the game.