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Terraria Frost Moon Update Has Gone Live on Consoles

505 Games took to its official forum earlier to announce the arrival of Terraria’s Frost Moon update on consoles including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The new update is rolling out regionally, so it’s possible Frost Moon is still not available in some regions but will be in a few hours. Frost Moon is adding new items and tougher enemies to the game.

The event can only be started at night by using the Naughty Present. It is a Christmas-themed event and consists of 15 waves, along with to 5 bonus waves. Waves are going to progress as you kill more enemies and reach a certain kill score. However, kill score won’t be displayed to you.

After a new wave starts, your kill score goes back to zero and the process keep repeating until the final wave. The Naughty Present will require certain materials that are available in Hardmode worlds.

This event will test the mettle and ingenuity of even the most hardy Terrarian warriors as they make their best attempts to hold off a terrifying horde of frozen monstrosities in search of challenge and loot.

Enemies you kill during the Frost Moon event will drop a range of weapons, Vanity and Pet items. But these items drops are rare and you will have to play the event several times before you can get you hands on these items. The challenge won’t be easy but it will surely be a lot of fun.