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Star Citizen Arena Commander Patch 1.0.3 is Live, Patch Notes Released

The patch 1.0.2 of Star Citizen was released in the first week of this month and only a fortnight later we already have the Star Citizen Arena Commander patch 1.0.3 with us.

Cloud Imperium has launched the patch and also shared a lengthy post detailing all the patch notes that you would want to know about. There are some new additions, tons of tons of tweaks to components, ships and the gameplay; then there are numerous fixes for the three as well as UI and the environment.

However, there still are many known issues in the same categories which the developers have also listed alongside the patch notes. It is going to be a while before we get rid of everything that is bugging us.

While the list of additions that have been made to the game is much shorter in comparison to the list of balancing and fixes that have been made to the game, it is still something that you will want to know about. So here’s a rundown on all the additions that have been made to Star Citizen with patch 1.0.3:


  • Added various Gladius audio
  • Updated textures for M50 tires


  • Added a new size 3 ballistic weapon: Gallenson Tactical Tarantula-870-Mk3

User Interface

  • Added a power throttle to the power management UI to make reducing ship signature easier (currently doesn’t work)
  • Added back end support for improved disconnection messages

Last but not the least the developers of Star Citizen have asked all the gamers who have their launcher set to PTU that they follow these instructions:

Log into the launcher
Click on the cog in the upper right
Enable advanced settings
Click ‘Reset to Defaults’
Click ‘Reset all Settings’

The complete list of the changes that Star Citizen Arena Commander patch 1.0.3 has made is pretty long, check it out here.