Killing Floor 2 Gets a Scary Live Action Trailer

Killing Floor 2 has received a new live action trailer and if you are a fan of scary movies, you’ll like it a lot.

Actually, calling it a trailer doesn’t feel right as the footage is almost 12 minutes long. Consider it a short live action film.

The footage is called Killing Floor: Uncovered and is shot from a first person view using a handy-cam. The video features a group of scientists sneaking into a facility where zombies are being kept and experimented on. The scientist in an attempt to know what’s going on, accidentally release a zombie horde into the facility. We all know what happens next right?

The live action film is well made and explains the backstory of the franchise. It’s a nice way to prep players for Killing Floor 2.

The zombie shooter is expected to come later this year on PlayStation 4 and PC. However, over at PlayStation Blog I saw a lot of fans asking for a Vita version. Hopefully, developers will at least consider it. Even if it doesn’t come out on Vita, we can always use remote play as alternative.

Would you like to see Killing Floor 2 on PlayStation Vita? Let us know in the comments.