Here’s Final Fantasy XV Demo Gameplay for PS4, Xbox One Both

We reported last week that the Final Fantasy XV demo will be streamed this week. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch up with that, we have some brand new gameplay video of the same.

While we have known that the demo was not going to be 1080p with 30fps, the visuals are really really amazing to look at. The videos will also give you enough to make up an opinion on what you think about the user interface of the game – which, in my opinion, is slick.

There are two different videos of the Final Fantasy XV demo gameplay; the one we have embedded above features the footage from the game being played on Xbox One while this one here is going to show you how it looks like on PlayStation 4.

Check them out and tell us which one looks better.

For those who have been living under a rock until now, the FFXV demo i.e. Episode Duscae was released with Final Fantasy Type-0. As far as the full game is concerned, Final Fantasy XV still doesn’t have a date – which pains me a little every time I say it – but it is being developed for PS4 and Xbox One.