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Free Xbox Live Gold Coming to Halo Master Chief Collection Owners

Some of you would remember how Microsoft had given a whole month of extension in the Xbox Live subscription to the users who faced the infamous cloud save issues back in 2013.

It appears they have found this to be an effective way of satisfying their users; another free month of Xbox Live is coming your way – if you qualify.

Last month, Microsoft announced that they will be compensating the owners of Halo Master Chief Collection for the troubles they faced with the game’s matchmaking. I am sure you wouldn’t have forgotten how sick it was to sit through the game’s launch that came with a buggy matchmaking feature.

Now, they are actually rolling out one month’s worth of free Xbox Live subscription to everyone who owns a copy of Halo Master Chief Collection – GG peeps!

As a token of appreciation for your continued support of Halo Master Chief Collection, we have applied a free one-month extension to your Xbox Live Gold membership. No further action is required. Game on!

The last update to the game came out in January which tried to iron out some more issues relating to the matchmaking alongside some stability issues. However, Phil Spencer has been clearly “disappointed” in the way the feature has turned out.

343 Industries, however, have promised that the next patch is going to sort out most of the problems that still persist. I am sure Microsoft wouldn’t have rolled out the free Xbox Live Gold subscription unless they were sure of that.

Do you think this is going to be enough compensation for the fans of Halo Master Chief Collection?