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Former Battlefield Developers Launched The Outsiders Game Studio

David Goldfarb and Benjamin Cousins are both former Battlefield developers who have now announced their own studio called The Outsiders. Both Goldfarb and Cousins have years of experience working with DICE on various projects.

Goldfarb took to twitter to announce his new studio:

The Outsiders is currently working on a PC role playing game but their official website doesn’t give anything away about the game. The only thing it features is a front page with links to Goldfarb and Cousins’ twitter accounts. However, speaking in an interview Goldfarb explained he wants to explore the grounds between $200 million AAA game and $1 million indie title.

I do think there’s a spot between the $200 million dollar AAA games and the $1 million indie games that is not being adequately explored,” he explained. “To me that’s a really rich field to plow and you can do awesome stuff there.

He further said that there are games being made between 3-8 million, which are doing really well on Steam. They have their own “style and quality” and don’t require a team of 8000 people to build.

There’s room in the market to make those types of games that aren’t crazy fidelity, 8,000 person teams but they have a style and quality and they’re something you can return to over and over because of the gameplay. To me, I’m happy to do that.”

The current project of this studio is still a mystery but we will know more about it the coming months. Since E3 is close, The Outsiders will probably show its new game at the biggest gaming event of the year.