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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Classes Discussed by Producer

Battlefield Hardline recently came out of its second beta with a lot of praise from both fans and critics. During the beta, we were given the option to choose from 4 different classes – Professional, Operator, Enforcer and Mechanic.

Up until now, we didn’t know much about the changes to these 4 classes but that has changed. Battlefield Hardline multiplayer producer Zach Mumbach has written an extensive blog to share more details on what has changed.

Here’s what he had to share:

Professional: Also known as Sniper,  he can place cameras around the map that will show enemies on the minimap to the whole team. Not only that, but they can place decoys that will show as fake enemies to the opposing team. Perfect for setting up traps or an ambush.  They now also have a new stealth gadget that allows them to move undetected.

Operator: Also know as Medic, uses an assault rifle and helps revive and heal teammates. Visceral has given a “Survivalist gadget” to this class so the can revive themselves after a roadkill or explosion. What’s more interesting is that players will no longer have to ask medics for medpacks. The rest of the team can just go up to the medic and hit the interact button to get a pack.

Enforcer:  Also known as Attacker, has seen more strategic changes than any other class. Since LMG’s were moved to battle pickup,  this class has been given battle rifles as a compensation. An Enforcer can also use a shotgun and a Riot Shield “or they can bring a Battle Rifle and focus more on being a long range combatant who can also resupply their team with ammo and keep those pesky snipers in check.”

Mechanic: Also known as Repair Guy, he now carries a “sabotage gadget.” This gadget or a bomb is placed on interactive objects – cars, bikes, trucks and explodes as soon as the opposing team interacts with them. In addition to doing his job as a repairman, he can now use a Grenade Launcher after RPG’s moved to battle pickups.

Battlefield Hardline is expected on March 17 for all major platforms.