The Order 1886 Review Round-Up, Fails to Impress All

The Order 1886 is just a day away from release and is available for pre-load right now. The title is developed by Ready At Dawn and has faced a lot of criticism over its short length. Those who have already pre-ordered the game will be eagerly waiting for their copies to arrive.

However, those who were waiting for reviews to come-in before deciding to purchase, won’t have to wait any longer.

Critics over the internet have published their review scores for the game and unfortunately for Ready At Dawn, scores aren’t as impressive as they would have hoped for.  

From the get go, The Order 1886 seems like an exprecinced that would have been better without a cinematic approach. Some critics believe that the story sets you up for a sequel, but the game fails to give you a strong reason to come back for another entry.

Here’s the score The Order managed:

The Order 1886 features an amazing environment and setting, the idea was great but the game ultimately delivered a shallow experience.  I hope Ready At Dawn create a sequel for The Order 1886 and learn from their mistakes. It will be a shame if a concept with so potentiel is scrapped due to a mediocre installment.