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Shadow of Mordor’s Final DLC Pits You Against Sauron, Dev Explains Why

The final expansion pack for Shadow of Mordor will pit players against the Dark Lord Sauron in an epic final showdown.

The Bright Lord DLC is expected to release soon and further dwells into the story of Celebrimbor, the wraith empowering Talion. So far players have only seen flashbacks of his involvement with Sauron and the forging of the One Ring.

Come the last DLC, players will control Celebrimbor and march against the Dark Lord with their own Orc army.

Ever since the announcement of Shadow of Mordor, players have been waiting for the moment to be able to take on Sauron himself. Many have been vocal about how this should have been part of the original game and not released later as a paid expansion pack.

On that note Producer Michael de Plater has stated that the development of The Bright Lord DLC was largely effected by the community’s feedback and many aspects that the team learned during the course of development. All of that has now been “put into practice” and players should expect an “epic final boss fight.”

De Plater has further said that the final DLC of the game is “quite a lot tougher” than the main campaign and will pose a large challenge to all players.

The Nemesis system has been rebalanced to prove a more challenging endgame. Orcs are more heavily armored, disciplined and in numbers, leading to more intense battles.

Celebrimbor has received improvements as well in the shape of new combat animations, more agility and mobility. Celebrimbor will take less punishment and have access to more powerful ability combinations.

“We really wanted to create the most epic, momentous final boss fight that we possibly could,” de Plater said. “We wanted to create a crafted boss fight that players get through the Nemesis system, to make up for the final boss fight against the Black Hand, which wasn’t so momentous. This is our attempt to revisit that and have another try and do the best we possibly can at creating an epic finale.”

via GameSpot