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Report: Harmonix Working on New Rock Band for PS4 and Xbox One

Harmonix Music Systems Inc. has started work on a new Rock Band title for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The news was confirmed to Bloomberg by a source who asked not to be named. The news about a new Rock Band game also incidentally comes right after Harmonix released a survey asking fans about what they’d like to see in a new installment.

Provided that the source is authentic and which Bloomberg believes it to be so, this will be a revival of the music series after its last game, Rock Band 3, which was released in 2010. If you want you can count the spin-off title Rock Band Blitz that was released two years later.

Rock Band became the top-selling title in 2008 but began losing money within a few years. The genre of instrumental music video games reached its peak in 2008 but is currently less than 1 percent. With the trends shifting, the casual lot turned to mobile gaming instead, causing Harmonix to be sold to invest firm Columbus Nova LLC in 2010.

Could the new Rock Band installment incite a spark in the genre once again by utilizing the new hardware being offered by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Source Bloomberg