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The Order 1886 Preload is Available; Day One Patch is 30MB Only

We have all seen our fair share of videogames that despite asking for a long development period end up releasing with a gigantic day one patch that makes you feel like you are downloading the same game twice.

Not The Order 1886 though, these guys have made sure that you don’t feel that developers rushed with anything. While the game has a day one patch, it is just a small 30 MB download.

You will have to download it before plying the game, but I am sure 30 MB wouldn’t even matter seeing how it will only be a matter of seconds before the game is a go.

These days when we have the digital downloads taking up a major chunk of the game sales, a feature like preloading is a must have. The Order 1886 is also going to allow you that, in fact the game’s preload is already available in the North American region.

Official Twitter profile of the game confirmed this:

We can confirm pre-loading the digital version of #TheOrder1886 is now live in North America. Checking on other territories…

Since they are already checking other territories, I am sure it won’t be long before we can preload the game no matter wherever we are.

As far as the complete download size of The Order 1886 is concerned, it is going to take up 31.6 GB of your disk space – make sure you have clear up that much before starting the download.

The Order 1886 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that has been developed by Ready at Dawn; the game releases worldwide on February 20, 2015 i.e. couple of hours from now.

Have you bought the game? What do you think of the clickbait rumors surrounding the game and the first review that it has got so far?