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Hearthstone Needs an FX Artist, Blizzard is Hiring!

According to the latest earnings call of Activision, Destiny and Hearthstone are two of the most impressive performers for the studio.

Naturally, they would want to keep investing in something like this, and one of the things that Blizzard is doing to further the development of Hearthstone is to hire a new FX artist to work on the game’s artistic creations.

A job listing was sighted at the Gamasutra jobs portal; here’s what the description reads:

The Hearthstone team is looking for a visual effects (VFX) production artist. The focus for this position will be working closely with the art director and designers to bring the team’s artistic vision to life. Responsibilities include creating evocative visual effects in the fun / whimsical style that is synonymous with Hearthstone, developing these same effects from concept to implementation, and working to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all of the effects in the game.

Moving on, the developers say that they would ideally prefer a candidate who has a good grasp over color, animation, storyboard and visual design alongside the ability to actually turn them into reality with visual effects.

Obviously, they want someone who has been there and done that; but if you think you have it in you to become a part of the team that has created (and continues to create) the world of Hearthstone, head here and apply for the job.

This is not the only job (or the only game) that Blizzard is looking to hire professionals for; only a couple of days ago we reported on another job opening at the development team of Diablo III for the post of an art director.

It looks like Blizzard really had a good year.