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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Revenant Progression Discussed

ArenaNet has shared new details about the ninth progression of Guild Wars 2, Revenant. This progression is described as “heavily armored masters of the Mists.” They have the ability to manipulate and harness energy to perform powerful attacks.

Revenant Evokes power from past legends, it can choose from a pool and slot two legends at the same time. Revenant will have a constant tie with the Mists, this will allow players to always have one active and one inactive legend.

The active legend will determine skill on the right side of the skill bar. Not only that, but there will be an energy bar connected with your inactive legend.

This energy bar is a new resource that the revenant relies on in order to use skills. Some skills will have a low energy cost, allowing you to use them more often, while others have a large cost with a very large payoff.

When a legend is invoked, your character will start at half energy but it will generate more with time. This progression also have “upkeep skills,” which were also a part of the original GW. Some legends have the ability that disable your energy regeneration or even start to deplete your energy as long as they remain active. These type of skills can be toggled on or off at will.

For more in-depth details, visit the official Guild Wars 2 website.