Community Project Will Have DICE Work With Battlefield 4 Players on New Map

DICE is going to work with community members to create a brand new map for Battlefield 4.

The developer has announced plans to invite Premium Members only to help test and create the map. Those who are registered with the game’s Community Test Environment will be given access to try out the unfinished map and give valuable feedback to shape it up for its final release.

“With the Community Map Project we’re really excited to collaborate with you, our Premium users, to take a map from concept to final, and then release it to everyone when it’s done,” DICE LA creative director Thomas Andersson said.

“We’ll start with a blank canvas and together with you we’re going to collaborate through all the normal steps in the development cycle. It’s something we’re very excited because it’s not something we’ve done before and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

There’s no information on when the access will be given and a specific time-frame for players to expect a release. From the announcement it seems like development of the map is fairly in early stages and so it might take some time before we can see it being revealed.

The Community Test Environment is currently only available to Battlefield 4 Premium members. For more info on how to sign up, head through to the Battlefield 4 website.