Bloodborne Story Trailer is Creepy and Intense

Bloodborne has received a fresh footage from developer From Software. The video is based around the story of the game and prepares you well for what’s to come upon release.

From the moment the video starts, it’s hard to keep your heart from racing. There is just something about that Victorian vibe and creepy setting that gives you goosebumps. Through out the video, you’ll be hooked and given a brief look into the range of monsters Bloodborne has to offer.

I shouldn’t say much about the footage because it’s best you see for yourself. However, in short, the city of Yharnam was plagued with what’s being called a “monster diseases” and since then the city is infested with brutal blood thirsty monsters. Our protagonist is here to look for something but what?

We’ll know more once the game comes out on March 24 for PlayStation 4. For now, one thing is for certain, Yharnam is an unforgiving and vicious place.

Lastly, pre-orders for Bloodborne are available at GameStop for $59.99 and will give you a mini eGuide of the game as well. You can also order a copy via PPlayStation Store.

Check out the video and share your views of the game in the comments below.