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Battlefield Hardline Beta: 7M Players Earned $527B, Stole $2.8B!

Battlefield Hardline beta ended a few days ago; and while we already know that it was hugely popular among the fans of the series as well as the FPS genre, we weren’t really sure of the facts and figures.

Now, Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have given us some numbers to chew on. First off, they have revealed that the number of total players who finally got to play the game went up from six million to seven million thanks to the additional one day of the beta phase.

While this is such a huge number that one would already guess the future of the game after it releases, trust me there is more to come.

They also revealed that Bank Jobs an Hiests were massively popular among the people taking part in the Battlefield Hardline beta which resulted in $2.8 billion being stolen through the two game modes.

If you think that is huge, try this: the total amount of money earned by the players was $527 billion! Yes, that is enough to give each living person on this earth $74 each!

In other words, that would be enough money for everyone on this earth to buy a copy of this game and still save 14 bucks.

In total 3.8 million vaults were broken, 38 million cars were hotwired, 21 million of them were taken down while the other 17 million got out clean.

As a percentage, 57 percent of the times, it was the law enforcement teams that won while Operators were the most popular choice with 55 percent of the people going for them. Only six percent chose to be Enforcers.

Battlefield Hardline releases on March 17, 2015.