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The Order 1886 First Review Score is in, The Game Manages 15/20

One French Magazine which goes by the name JVM has published the very first review of The Order 1886. The game has been a topic of hot debate recently due to rumours of it being too short, will the score make any difference to growing perception about the game?

Some shots of the magazine taken from a Lumia phone were published online, the whole thing is in French so don’t know what it says about the game. However, JVM has given The Order 1886 a 15/20. The score is above average and a good start for Ready At Dawn’s new game.

You can see images from the magazine posted below.

This still doesn’t clear things up regarding the game’s length as many believe that The Order is just five hours long. In addition to previous videos, a new one was posted on YouTube this sunday. It showed the player deliberately speedrun the game within 5 hours.

Andrea Pessino who stated that he won’t be commenting on any “clickbait” rumours from now on, came forward to say that The Order will be 8-10 hours long on normal pace and difficulty.

The Order 1886 seems to be the victim of uncanny hatred, but an above average review score will surely give some confidence to potential buyers having second thoughts.

The Order 1886 is coming out in just a couple of days exclusively on PlayStation 4. For more on The Order 1886, stay-tuned to SegmentNext.