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Tekken 7 Characters’ Moves List, Game Changes, And More Changes Detailed

Bandai Namco Entertainment has updated Tekken 7 Japanese Website which adds a command list for every available character as well as detailing new features introduced in the game.

Although the complete text is written in Japanese, players should not face any difficulty in understanding these commands.

For you better understanding, LP is Left Punch, LK is Left Kick, RP is Right Punch, RK is Right Kick, and directional arrows are for movement. If you have played any previous installment in the series, understanding any of these commands should not be much of a difficulty.

In addition to this, Bandai Namco Entertainment has also listed a couple of sample combos for each character to give players an overview of how the new combo system works and also to provide a foundation on which they can build advanced combos.

You can download a .PDF file here for a complete list of these sample combos and command buttons.

Speaking of new game mechanics, the game does not have a Bound System. Instead of the Bound System, a similar mechanic is adopted which is used to extend players’ combos. Furthermore, each character has an Ultra Combo which can only be executed during Rage Mode and dishes out some serious damage.

Speaking of new characters, Tekken 7 introduces Claudio, Lucky Chloe, Katarina, and Shaheen. Characters which are not yet announced include Marduk, Yoshimitsu, Jin Kazama, Nina, Anna, Lee, and Miguel.

Tekken 7 has not yet received a console/PC release date and it is not confirmed whether it will only launch on current-gen consoles or not.