Scrapped Project Hellions by Double Helix Surfaces Online, Footage Inside

Double Helix Games was working on a game called Hellions for Xbox 360. Prototype was created to pitch the game but for some reason it was scrapped.

We never got to see how the game looked and played, but that has changed since a prototype video has surfaced. The video is posted above and will make you wonder why this game never went into full development. The game looks quite promising and should have been developed further.

The video opens in Cairo during the year 2089 with a female character, dressed similar to Lara Croft. She uses a sword which looks like it belongs to Raiden (MGS) to slice through enemies.

Although it looks great but I think since we don’t know anything about the concept, the game can’t be judged purely based on this footage.

We have reached Double Helix Games for comment on the footage and the article will be updated as soon as we hear something back. So check back with us for more later.

What do you think of the footage? Do you think the game had potential? Let us know of your opinion in the comments below.