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Crusader Kings II Gets 75% Off on Steam and is Free for the Week

Crusader Kings II is three years old now and developer Paradox has decided to celebrate the occasion by making the game free on Steam this week.

Players who haven’t yet given a try to this strategy game can play it for free till February 23. Moreover, if you enjoy your time with it and want to grab a copy for your collection, Crusader Kings II will also be available for 75% during this period.

So if you do decide in its favor, the game can be yours for just $9.99. The title is a sequel to the original Crusader Kings and was published by Paradox Interactive.

What’s really great about the developers is they are still supporting the game after three years. Regular patches are released to fix issues and add more content to the popular game.

Crusader Kings II puts players in control of a dynasty, a line of rulers from the same bloodline. Players are in charge of Medieval dynasty during the period between 1066 to 1453. By using war, assassinations and even marriages, players will have to insure the success of their dynasty.

Lastly, to run the game you will need a XP/Windows 7 with Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or equivalent. 2GB of system memory with 512 MB of graphics memory is required to run the game.

Will you be giving this game a try this week? Let us know in the comments below.