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Bladestorm: Nightmare is Coming to Steam in May

Fans wanting to play Bladestorm: Nightmare would be happy to know that Koei Tecmo has finally announced the game for Steam. The Title is heading to Valve’s platform in May.

The news came via Koei Tecmo’s official Twitter account but a solid release date is yet to be announced. The game is being directed by Atsushi Miyauchi while the producer is Akihiro Suzuki. The development of this game began a while back, but the game isn’t getting a massive visual upgrade compared to its predecessor.

When it comes to gameplay, it will remain the same as the previous game with some minor alterations. Character creations has been given an overhaul and players will be allowed to create multiple characters.

Your secondary characters can appear as your ally units in the warzone. Their goal will be to look for loot and experience on the game’s map. Players will have no control over them and if the unit is routed, there is a risk of losing all of the gained treasure.

There are two halves of the story mode, Hundred Years’ War and Nightmare. Hundred years’ war will feature the same experience as players had before with some changes.

Nightmare on the other hand is a completely new narrative. It features wizards, dragons and make believe battles. In addition, players can control upto 200 soldiers in a single squad.

Apart from Steam, the game is also announced for various console platforms.