Animal Crossing 100% Completion Ratio Achieved in Almost 71 Hours

Gamers will know that completing a game 100% isn’t an easy task. You have to try and fail over and over to get things done. It can become frustrating in a matter of hours for many of us.

I can confirm that since I started gaming, I have never completed a game 100%. I got close to like 75 to 8o percent on some, but never 100%. Usually, I go through the story and enjoy its multiplayer for a few weeks before something better comes along.

However, some people just don’t quit or have a little too much time on their hands. They complete some of the most difficult games with a 100% completion rate. One such games is Animal Crossing, I call it difficult because it is a massive task to achieve 100% completion ratio in this game.

What if I told a gamer girl has put us men to shame by going all hardcore in Animal Crossing? She completed the game 100% and she did that in almost 71 hours. She goes by the name 0xa101 over the internet and she has managed to defeat Animal Crossing in short time to set a new record.

Her run of the game lasted 70 hours, 51 minutes and 47 seconds. During this time she only slept for 8 hours while the timer was ticking, meaning she achieved this in approximately 63 hours. How many of us can do that? I don’t know about you but she has definitely inspired me to compete games with 100% ratio, Hats-off to this young lady.