Terraria: Otherworld Announced as an “Innovating and Unique” Sandbox Experience

Terraria: Otherworld is the latest take on the open-world sandbox-building franchise and sees to both Re-Logic and Engine Software combining forces.

It’s unsure whether this is a beefy expansion pack to the original game or a standalone release. Re-Logic has only stated that Terraria: Otherworld is “not Terraria 2.”

Set in an alternate dimension within the same Terraria universe, players are tasked with restoring a shattered world that is now “overrun by a malevolent force that has corrupted nature itself.”

According to Re-Logic, Terraria: Otherworld expands on the same popular formula but now has players approach gameplay from new directions. More details on these ‘directions’ will be shared on a later date.

For now the developer has provided a light reveal on how the game will play differently. On that note, Re-Logic has assured that the new changes have been done in “an innovative and unique way” that will not deter too far from original game.

You can check the video above which contains some pre-alpha footage. Anything you see is subject to change once the final game is release.

There is currently no release schedule for Terraria: Otherworld, which is in development for PC and Mac.