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Square Enix Collective Opens Up Three Eidos IPs for Indie Developers

Square Enix will be allowing indie developers to submit new game ideas based on three IPs of Eidos, the studio has announced.

As part of its Square Enix Collective program, indie developers now have the freedom to come up with new projects using Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox. Based on the response from the mentioned three IPs, Square Enix may open up more titles in the future.

The Collective is an initiative taken by the publisher to help indie developers get their games crowdfunded. It’s an incubation program where Square Enix also provides marketing and development advice along the way.

According to a set of rules cited for the submission process using these IPs, Square Enix will only approve an idea for community voting if it is happy with it.

The publisher is looking for something more than a petty sequel. As an example, it asked whether it would be interesting to see Gex as a side-scrolling adventure or a turn-based strategy game instead.

The feedback process remains the same and if the response is good, the game will head into the crowdfunding phase.

For developers looking for more information on this announcement, head over to this blog post.