Sony Assures That The Last Guardian is Still in Development

The trademark for The Last Guardian was abandoned by Sony yesterday, fueling the ever growing perception of the company finally scrapping the project.

Today, Sony has passed an official statement assuring that the game is still in development and informing that yesterday’s mishap was due to an administrative error at PlayStation America.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Sony failed to extend the game’s trademark this year, even after receiving a request to do so. The trademark was hence cancelled.

However, good news for those still waiting to see the game materialize is that it’s not over yet. The Last Guardian is still in development and one of these days, we’ll finally get to see the game for the first time.

Having formally announced back in 2009 for the PlayStation 3, The Last Guardian has now been in development for more than six years. It’s now speculated to have been moved over to the newer PlayStation 4 console. Sony has yet to reveal any solid details on how far the game has come and what changes it has seen during this long development cycle. With another E3 approaching in summers, let us hope we finally get to see a developer provide us with game footage.

Source GameSpot