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Rise of The Tomb Raider Will Feature More Tombs and Puzzles

One of the biggest Xbox exclusives of 2015 is Rise of the Tomb Raider. From what we have seen so far of the game, it looks incredible. Players will get to explore various environments and survive harsh weather conditions and wild animal attacks.

Exploration of tombs and solving puzzles has always been a huge part of Tomb Raider games. So will Crystal Dynamics handle that part of the game this time around?

Players will be offered more tombs to explore and even more puzzles compared to 2013’s Tomb Raider game but that’s not all.

Creative Director Noah Hughes spoke in an interview regarding tombs and puzzles. He stated that in addition to the increased amount of puzzles, players will “see a spectrum of difficulty of puzzles.”

“Some of the secret tombs are larger and in some cases might have more difficult puzzles, but you’re still gonna find the full spectrum.”

He further stated that Crystal Dynamics “celebrate puzzle design” and consider it a really important gameplay formula for Tomb Raider.

Their puzzle design will push players to use their intelligence to unlock the secrets of the tombs and players will find a number of “ancient themed puzzles.” Solving puzzles will reward handsomely, players will have to be aware of their surrounding to have a sense of how the world around them works.

Tombs in the game will provide a more active exploration and will take more time to explore. Rise of the Tomb raider is expected in holiday 2015 for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Are you ready to Lara’s next adventure.