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Players Having Issues With PS4 Firmware 2.04, Error 30709-9

Once again, stability on Sony’s PlayStation Network is in question as many users are reporting issues while downloading PS4 firmware 2.04.

On February 17 (today), Sony asked PS4 users to download update 2.04, however, an error 30709-9 keeps appearing. Sony hasn’t said anything about a new update so it comes as a surprise. It is also possible that it wasn’t supposed to go live right now due to which players are unable to install it.

One user on NeoGaf stated:

PSN seems to have self-destructed. I had to retry like 26 times to download the update, and after the update I can’t log into PSN, gives error SU-30709-9.

While another one said:

I was having trouble connecting to my PS4 since it was asking me for a update that couldn’t even be downloaded. (Works now, though ..edit: Nope, scratch that, still can’t download it) In Canada also.

You can also see some images of this error down below. So far, Sony hasn’t provided a solution or even a comment. Until the update is installed, users aren’t allowed to Sign-in to PSN as reported by users. That means PSN service is currently down.

PS4 error 1

PS4 error

We have reached Sony for a comment and will update the article as soon as we hear something back.  Are you having similar issues with the update? Let us know of your experience in the comments below.