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How to Register Equipment in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

In Monster Hunter 4, the Hunters for Hire system is a little bit complex, especially the equipment registration.

If you’re find it difficult to get your head around the navigation and method of registering your equipment for the Guild Card, then perhaps our help will be of some value.

For this, you will need to go into the solo tavern, and do the following below:

How to Register Your Equipment for Guild Cards
Open up your menu, then go to the second page, and the third option for the Guild Card. There are four options here for you to choose from. These are: My Guild Card, Edit Guild Card, Send Guild Card, and Guild Card List.

You need to go to the second option i.e. Edit Guild Card. Once you have selected that, you need to go down to the fourth row. If it says Unregistered (未登録), you will need to select the option, then select the left option to confirm.

Registering your equipment will make it appear as it is during the time of registration on your Guild Card. Without registering, it will not be update from its default (or previous) state.

Now, you can head back to the four options within the Guild Card menu, and press Send Guild Card to send your Card.

Here you’ll have to options, which are ‘Send to All’ or ‘Send to Individual’. This is a manual way to push the Guild Card to your friends, but is not necessary, as they will automatically update when you join a friend’s room or vice versa.

You can also check Guild Cards in the Guild Card List option, and select the ones you have received to view them on the left. Note that the appearance and weapon of your character will not change until you show up in the Guild Hall again.