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Nintendo Financials Show that Amiibo Figures are Doing Well

Nintendo released its amiibo figures themed after some popular characters of the company last year. Since release, these figures have shown an exceptional performance in United States, Canada, EU and Australia: Nintendo revealed it during the third quarter financial briefing.

According to Nintendo, they have shipped 5.7 million by the end of 2014. The company claims that some figures are already sold out and are being sold via auctions online at premium rates.

Nintendo also gave a breakdown of regional sales and revealed US and Canada make up for 63% of overall Amiibo sales.

The sell-through proportion of the total shipment is approximately 70 percent in each of Japan, U.S. and Canada, and Europe while it reaches 90 percent in Australia.

Moreover, in terms of sales of each amiibo regionally, Link was the top selling amiibo in Japan, US, Canada and Europe. On the other hand, Mario is the top selling figure in Australia and second best in Japan and US+Canada.

Nintendo says that figures related to top selling amiibo are not perfectly accurate as some amiibo were out-of-stock in certain regions.

Figures that are sold out and are now really difficult to find including Captain Falcon in Japan, Marth in US+Canada, Little Mac in EU, Ike Australia.

Amiibo figures are gaining popularity even with a high price point. The success of this product means we may see more variants and more unique features in upcoming amiibo figures.