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Hellblade Features No QTEs and Companions, PC Version to Support Mods

On the insistence of Ninja Theory, the Hellblade community submitted a number of questions this past weekend to the game’s developers. There were apparently a lot of them and it showed how interested the community is in the upcoming game.

Ninja Theory has boiled down all of those questions to just twenty and have answered them on its official website today.

To summarize the Q&A, the PC version of the game will be pretty optimized. It’s still too early for us to know what FPS Hellblade will be targeting, since the game is still in development.

Ninja Theory is striving to focus both on gameplay and the story aspect, which it has cited to be a challenge. The game will feature no QTE events, platforming, and companion AI.

Interestingly, Hellblade will feature only one usable weapon in the form of a sword – probably the same one we’ve seen in the debut teaser trailer. Players must master that through their progression, hinting that there’s a possible leveling system for the weapon.

The game will probably end up with modding support on the PC, and a photomode on the PlayStation 4. According to Ninja Theory, the game will be purely skill based. There won’t be any combo lists, but there will be special attacks. Senua will have a variety of animations. The game will have no use for the DualShock 4’s light bar and touchpad.

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