Final Fantasy Type-0 HD New Gameplay Footage Shows Combat, Loot System, and More

The upcoming remastered version of PSP Classic, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has received 10-minute long gameplay footage, courtesy of

Since I am not good at understanding Spanish, I cannot really comprehend the commentary dude. But seeing the in-game button-commands, it’s confirmed that the footage is taken from the PS4 version.

The footage provides players a closer look at the game’s characters, combat mechanics, loot system, visual fidelity, and more. You can check the footage above – the actual gameplay footage starts at 02:30, before that it’s just a dude talking in Spanish.

Yesterday, Square Enix released another trailer for the game which focuses on the game’s storyline and a range of characters. Fans also receive a special glimpse at Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae at the very end. You can head over here for more details on the newly released trailer.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is scheduled to launch across Xbox One and Playstation 4 next month on Mar. 17, 2015. As for Final Fantasy XV, no solid release date is available as of this instant.