Bloodborne’s Latest Reveal Shows Dual Guns and Transforming Weapons

There’s been considerable hype about the weapons featured in Bloodborne and now you can see for yourself why.

The latest video for the game comes from IGN, as part of its exclusive coverage of the action role-playing title for the month.

Fans would be delighted to see footage of dual wielded guns, as they would be seeing the other weapons transform into something more grotesque and menacing. Would you rather go for hammer-sword or the whip-blade combo?

In another video reveal earlier in the month, we got to see a quick glimpse of the game’s character creation screen. There’s plenty to choose from. Players can start by choosing between male or female avatars, from a variety of different models.

You can then proceed to alter the character’s age, voice, body build, skin color, facial details, hair and more. There’s an accessories tab as well from which players can plant tattoos, scars, and even glasses on their avatars.

There are no classes to choose from the starting screen. Instead, players choose from brief back-stories, that create the persona of your character depending on whatever story you would like to follow.

Bloodborne is due for release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 24 in North America and March 25 in Europe. A Bloodborne PlayStation 4 bundle has been confirmed for release in Europe on the same day and will feature a 500GB console, DualShock 4 Controller, and a copy of Bloodborne itself. You can pre-order the bundle right now from any major retailer in the region.