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Sony Fails to Extend The Last Guardian Trademark

Sony is reported to have abandoned the trademark for The Last Guardian.

According to the website of the US Trademark Office, the trademark for the game expired today after Sony failed to apply for an extension for its use. This is the second time that it has happened. The first was back in 2012 where Sony missed out in requesting for an extension.

Does today’s finding mean The Last Guardian has been cancelled? Sony France has “categorically” stated that game is still in development. In the update provided by French site, it’s not mentioned whether Sony will be reacquiring the name later or if it plans to release the game under a new name.

Failure to extend its trademark doesn’t necessarily mean that the game has been cancelled. However, keeping in view of its troubled development, we can expect anything.

The Last Guardian was announced as a PlayStation 3 title back in 2009. Development issues continued to push the game back by years, where in between it was even on the verge of being cancelled altogether.

Last year, Sony stated that the game is “making great progress” but we’ve yet to see anything to ascertain that. The Last Guardian is now speculated to be in development for the PlayStation 4.