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Reasons Why Dota 2 Community is Getting Angry at Valve

Valve’s new pay2win event has clearly done more harm than good. Forums are getting flooded with angry rants and the Dota 2 Reddit’s front page has complaints after complaints with so many people asking for refunds.

While in the previous years, Valve delivered Diretide on Halloween and Greevling or Wraith Night on Christmas, this year no such thing happened because Valve claimed they were busy working on their new engine.

To make matters worse, Valve decided to lower the item drop rate to astronomically low percentage values on a previous patch.

The Dota Asian Championship was played through January (won by Evil Geniuses) and fans were so excited about it that they’ve bought en mass its compendium, boosting the total prize pool to over 3 million dollars, which made it the biggest tournament to date excluding the previous 2 editions of The International.

However, it didn’t run smoothly at all as fans that bought these compendiums were unable to watch the games inside the client.

Meanwhile, the situation with the North American and South East Asian servers has hit an all time new low, players lag and disconnect constantly with no solution in sight. The problem is so bad that this troll video portraying the (perhaps truthful) thoughts of a Valve employee, has hit over 250.000 views in just 2 weeks.

Then the awful automatic report system that was abused constantly didn’t receive a fix, but instead got bandaged by lowering the amount of punishment games to just 5 and the amount of reports each player cut in half.

The love for the game was still going strong though, and most fans were ready to forget Valve if they delivered an awesome patch like last year’s New Bloom, which gave a fun event, and also introduced Phoenix and Terrorblade (in addition to Legion Commander who was released less than a month ago at the time). It couldn’t go any more wrong…

In terms of actual gameplay content, all we were given was Winter Wyvern and the New Year Beast Brawl event.

There are so many problems with this “event” that it’s even hard to begin with. First of all, it can hardly be called an event when so little amount of effort was dumped into it.

It’s basically just a regular All Pick match with a pay2win component in the form of an extra creep that spawns every 5 minutes. Even this creep is simply a mere rehash of last year’s Beast.

Players can upgrade their own Beast with Ability Points, granting it some of the game’s most powerful ultimates such as Stampede and Thunder God’s Wrath. Problem is that to obtain these, it’s necessary to purchase the $28 Bundle and buy more packs at the store.

This pay2win component has been introduced since the Phantom Assassin Arcana and it’s a worrying trend if it continues.

Another problem with it, is the fact that players can’t join it at any given time, but rather at a specific pre- determined time, which raises two serious problems.

The first one is that some people are simply unable to play it because they aren’t available at the time (even those who spent $28+ dollars in preparation for it). The second problem is the huge overload that the servers suffer because of hundreds of thousands of players queuing for a game at the same time.

Since there isn’t a separate queue, people that simply want to play a normal game in that time interval have to wait to avoid playing the event.

Perhaps the only reason to even play this event, the rewards have also been severely harmed. Valve is becoming more and more stingy with the item drops and this time they’ve made it so that when you actually win something for a hero you don’t even care about, you can’t trade it with your friends or sell it in the market to actually buy something that you like.

This is simply unacceptable. It seems that the more money Valve receives, the less content and value is given back to the community. In the 10 months after the previous New Bloom patch, the only new heroes were Techies and Oracle. Do you have an opinion on this? Please share it with us on the comment section below.