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Housemarque Testing Sony’s Morpheus VR With Super Stardust Ultra

There’s still a lot that we don’t know about Sony’s Morpheus VR project. The company has demonstrated its capabilities in various conventions but we’ve yet to hear about its applications when it comes to current game developers.

One, Housemarque, is working on just that. The developer is said to be currently testing the headset’s compatibility with its recently released Super Stardust Ultra. T

The testing process is still in its early stages and hence Housemarque is unable to talk about it. In the days to come though, it would be interesting to see its views and whether other developers follow suit.

“Housemarque is fortunate enough to have had access to Morpheus development kits, and has been experimenting with the technology using its latest title, Super Stardust Ultra,” a company spokesperson told Eurogamer. “At this time, the technical tests are ongoing, and it is too early to say whether Super Stardust Ultra will become Morpheus compatible at some stage, or whether the team will apply the technical knowledge to future titles.”

Super Stardust Ultra currently runs at 1080p and gives 60 frames-per-second. It supports stereoscopic 3D and features 4x multi-sampling anti-aliasing. Sounds like a perfect tile for VR. However, we’ll see what changes when Housemarque shifts it to Sony’s Morpheus VR kit.