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Hotfix for Game of Thrones’ Save Bug Releases in a Week for Xbox One

Telltale Games has confirmed that a new patch is in the works that will fix the saving issue in Game of Thrones on the Xbox One.

Episode 2 of the game has been giving players problems when trying to save their progress. A nasty bug causes players to lose their saved choices upon finishing the first episode.

This makes it impossible to begin playing the second episode with your previous choices. At the moment, players have no option but to play Episode 2 using the game’s default choices.

According to the developer, the hotfix has already been submitted to Microsoft for testing. It will then be put live for the players, as soon as Microsoft gives the green light.

“We have submitted a patch to Microsoft to resolve the issue some customers have experienced where Episode One choices did not carry over into Episode Two,” said Telltale.

“We expect the patch to be released in the next 7-10 days and will update this thread as soon as it is available. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope to have you playing with your choices very soon.”

You’ll be carrying on your progress from the first episode really soon. Game of Thrones has three more episodes in store for you.

Source Telltale Games